about me

Hello there

Welcome to my website

I created this site after having a large break from blogging. I decided that I’d like to start posting again but didn’t want to limit myself to talking about one subject (as I had on previous blogs).

I’m loathed to call this a lifestyle blog as I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to push my lifestyle on anyone... it’s probably not recommended, unless you also like pizza and polka dots as much as me.

what sort of things should I expect to find on here?

Hopefully you’ll be able to navigate your way through this site with relative ease and you’ll come across plenty of posts about all different topics.

My main interests are scrapbooking and painting/drawings, so a chunk of posts will be dedicated to that. You’ll also find posts about various subjects including gift guides, homewares, beauty, clothing, podcasts, books, food, drinks and anything else that floats my boat. It’s early days so who knows what the year will bring.

so why nelly and clem?

Well, when I was trying to think of a domain name to purchase I was struggling to find something that 1. encapsulated what my site was about and 2. was actually available in a dot com format for purchase. After a lot of faffing around I decided to punt for nelly and clem as whenever I post or sit in my kitchen crafting, my cat Clem is always glued to my side, watching what I do with great interest whilst simultaneously judging me as only a cat can. She’s a massive fluffy maine coon and while she’s only been in my life for a year she’s certainly made herself part of the family with her chirps, chuffs and rubs.

Here is a picture of the two of us:

Me and Clem.png

a little poem about me

I am a lady who...

is rather partial to a french fry

fancies the pants off my Danish guy

creates and sometimes destroys

loves a packet of salt + vinegar McCoy’s

wishes all men dressed like Freddie

has never had a mani-pedi

has been known to wear a polka dot

listens to true crime podcasts a lot

has a magnificent cat called Clem Fandango

needs her morning coffee to be able to say hello

highly likely to be found in a shoe store

will one day find a dinosaur