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being catty - scrap and self-criticism

being catty - scrap and self-criticism

Bonjour beans!

If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen this scrap already as I finished it last weekend - I’ve been a bit behind with my blogging so I need to play catch up.

This is probably the most successful scrap I’ve done in terms of the likes I’ve received via the ‘gram. While that is wonderful and I do confess to being filled with joy each time my phone pings with a new comment or little red love heart, I also struggle with it as there are so many things about the scrap that I would change.


Self-criticism isn’t a new thing for me, I’ve pretty much always been hard on myself when it comes to creating things. Even when I was little and my mum would ask me to draw something for her, in my mind I would create this magical larger than life complete image, but when I put pencil to paper it just wouldn’t turn out as good as it was in my head and I’d be disappointed regardless of how much my mum loved it.

I know that I’m not alone with this feeling, but I think I probably take it more personally than others. I *am* creative and I don’t mind tooting my own horn about that - I can draw, paint and create pretty things, its just that those things don’t quite represent what I feel like I’m capable of. I think that’s probably why I share more scrappy bits on Instagram rather than my own work. I guess I’m playing it safe by using other peoples gorgeous papers/embellishments because that way I’m just constructing something slightly unique with it, so it’s easier to get it right, right!?


Regardless of all that weirdness bubbling away inside me, I will admit that this is one of the better scraps I’ve done and I do feel like I’m finally starting to get to grips with it all.

There are so many ways that you can do a layout and a 12x12 can be pretty daunting as there is so much space to go nutso in - you really do have to think about the placement of everything. I’m trying not to fill every area with STUFF and to let my little layered bundles speak for themselves and have room to breathe - it’s difficult sometimes to know when the heck to stop throwing embellishments at the page. I’m slowly learning when enough is enough and to reign in the crazy - haha


I’ve found a few neat tricks that people have used and I really hope that when they see my work they realise that while I’m inspired by what they’re doing, I would never dream of straight-up copying them. I’ve noticed a lot of people using sequins as well as enamel dots - this works for me as it’s waaaay more cost-effective (those little dots are gorgeous but expensive) and I’ve also started to duff-up my paper edges as, again, I’ve found that when people do this it adds a little bit more texture to the papers, plus a wobbly line is far more exciting than a dead-straight one :-)


For this particular scrap I really had a love-in with various Maggie Holmes ranges. I find her papers so delicate and feminine, its been nice for me to put down the black paint (haha) and do something a bit more airy.

I cut the ‘love me’ out of a 12x12 sheet from the Sunny Days collection and quite a few of the little scraps of paper tucked in behind the photo of Clem are from the Sunny Days papers. I added two little embellishments from the Willow Lane range (the flower and the little black polka dot tag) and I really think they finish off the little cluster and give it some more interest.


Back on the subject of critiquing and I *really* wish I hadn’t added that wording on the bottom left, I should have stuck it on the tag that’s tucked into the photo, but I realised that a bit too late and I’d already stapled it all together *slaps head* - it’s not the end of the world to anyone else, but for me it’s irritating, but I will learn from it and remember for next time that it’s okay to not have something going on in every corner! Haha

Anyhoo, I hope you like it.


Do you struggle with putting your work out there in the world? Are you hoarding beautiful scrap and not showing it off? If that is the case I would urge you to start an Instagram and give it a whirl, the scrapping community online is full of lovely people and so far I’ve had nothing but positive comments and love. If you do decide to try, look me up, I would love to see your work and will gladly send likes your way :-)

Until next time, byeeee x

spring time scrap + jane foster love

spring time scrap + jane foster love

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journal cards - a few printable freebies