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bits and bobs - project life

bits and bobs - project life

Hello all

I’m typing this while wearing a jumper, a big grey fuzzy jumper… it is June. Wimbledon starts soon and I can’t help but wonder what those poor tennis players are letting themselves in for with this mental weather. I predict we’ll be wheeling out Cliff Richard to fill some time while everyone eats their sodden strawberries in their Union Jack ponchos.

I need to stop checking the weather app on my phone as every single time I look, it seems to be getting worse.


I’m not sure if it’s just the weather bringing me down or if I’m still in a grump about the stomach bug I’ve had for the past three days (which is now finally leaving me alone), either way, in an attempt to combat the grump, wind and rain I decided to bust out some of my favourite papers and put together a little project life filled with random bits to brighten my mood.

I recently purchased a little 6x8 paper pad of Maggie Holmes Sunny Days collection, so I wanted to use a little snippet of that and I also had a few Felicity Jane alphas to use too.


I don’t tend to combine my kits all that much anymore. I’m not sure what has brought that on really, but when I create a 12x12 these days I seem to pick a collection or a brand and use that stuff and not really mix and match. Part of it could be that it’s a real pain to hashtag every collection used when I post to the ‘gram but equally it could be a bit of subconscious prep work for design team applications? There is one team in particular I’m going to apply for this year and so I’m getting myself in the zone - applications are a little way away, but I like to be prepared.

There are so many lovely collections out at the moment (I’m looking at you, Sunny Days, All-Heart, Color Fresh and New Day) and I do find a lot of fun in picking one and trying to create something different to everyone else, there is a challenge in that which gets my hands moving - see my Felicity Jane rainbow post using the Megan kit.

I guess I’m mainly using my 12x12s to showcase what I’m capable of with those collections, but then I’m also doing little side projects where I can let loose and use whatever paper scraps and kits I fancy, all in the name of mis-matched jumble fun - this project life is an example of that.


As per usual, I’m still tooting the horn for Cute Girl - it’s just brilliant and the colours are perfecto. The cat paper ‘sassy’ is a particular favourite, not only can you fussy cut those little cats for embellishments, but it’s also fab to use just as it is and then colour match everything to it.

The photos and the colours I chose for this scrap all stem from the ‘sassy’ paper and I’m really pleased with how it turned out, I think I’ve managed to pull in each colour from the paper with either embellishments or the photographs - swish.


I had to include that Roald Dahl quote as it’s one of my favourites. I mean, the man wasn’t a fan of children… or parents at the rate he bumped them off in his books, but he sure as hell had a way with words and knew how to write a fantastical story. I think everyone has a handful of favourites (it’s very hard to just pick one) and this quote is a real gem.


So there we go, my bits and bobs project life, filled with fun and colour - I hope you like it.


if you just smile

if you just smile

true facts - a few little things about me

true facts - a few little things about me