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brain fail - having a blog post ponder

brain fail - having a blog post ponder


Apologies for the silence, last weekend I just couldn’t quite find the brain-power to write a blog post.

Do you blog? I wonder if other people do what I do and through the working week come up with a few different topics which might be interesting to write about, but then, on Sunday, when you sit down to write the post, all those ideas run for the hills and you’re left thinking… erm… something about scrapbooking?!?

I guess it doesn’t help that at the moment I’m still living in a world of weirdness, waiting for telephone calls with bad news and generally expecting the next kick in the lady balls to happen - urgh.

Anyhoo, at least on a positive note, this brain fail hasn’t had a negative effect on my scrap. If anything, I’ve been more creative in the last few weeks than I’ve been for years, coming up with new fun ideas to try out, being inspired by all the lovely kits that keep popping up in my IG feed and just feeling like it’s all starting to come together - huzah.

I’ve climbed over the 200 followers mark on Instagram so that’s excited and I’ve found loads of gorgeous new faces to follow in return - maybe that’s why my creativity is soaring, all that fabulous inspiration?


I’ve had a big tidy in my crafty space recently and that has helped me to find some papers that I had forgotten about, including my very first paper pad, which is the Maggie Holmes Carousel pad. I decided to bust out the papers and do some fussy cutting to create something pretty for my mum so she knows I’m thinking of her.


Recently I received a beautiful stamp kit from Studio Calico called Sophia so I decided to take that for a spin and used it to make a wordy background - the fade out of the text really added something to the scrap and I’m very pleased with the result.

I also decided that I wanted to use the wording ‘chin up buttercup’ but I knew that I didn’t want to use thickers alphas this time to spell out the words. I’d already used a stamp for the background so I decided to write out the word ‘buttercup’ on the reverse of one of the Maggie Holmes papers and then carefully fussy cut it out with a pair of scissors - if you can’t find an embellishment that fits your scrap plan… just make it out of paper yourself :-)

I attached the ‘buttercup’ to the 12x12 with loads of tiny foam pads, which was a real labour of love, but again, I’m really chuffed with how the wording looks, plus, raising it slightly off the paper gives it a lovely 3D effect :-)


After I’d finished faffing with the background, I just had to pick out some pretty papers to layer up with my photo of Clem. Once I had my papers, I just taped it all together in a nice little bundle then layered in my fussy cut flowers and added a cheeky little butterfly to the mix - done and dusted :-)


Although the colours are minimal on this scrap (just yellow, peachy pink and black and white) I think it works well - there’s a lot going on with this 12x12 so I wanted to keep the colour palette simple, that way it wouldn’t detract from the photograph and the wording.

I hope you like it and fingers crossed my brain will be back in gear next week with a planned topic to talk about or a little bit of shopping fun… I need to write things down, man :-(

Until next time x

positives and trying to find those small wins

positives and trying to find those small wins

anxiety + me - I got it, I got it, I ain't got it

anxiety + me - I got it, I got it, I ain't got it