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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

design dream teams and wobbly knees

design dream teams and wobbly knees

Sooooo, *ahem*…

Remember I said I’d been a bit hectic recently and hadn’t been able to blog too much? Remember I was being all aloof and weird and not really explaining why? Well… well… well-ity…

I only went and got on the Design Team for Hip Kit Club, didn’t I…



As of today, its been announced officially by HKC, so I can also toot my little trumpet and tell you as well.

Oh crumbs, it’s all very real now - I’m one of those girls in a black and white photo (squeee) and we have schedules and time-zones and post plans and *stuff*. I’m going to be very busy over the next month getting to grips with it all, but I do really hope that you guys will support me in my crazy adventures while I faff around with paper, now in a more official capacity! Haha

Just a short one today and hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll pop up some of my very first layouts for the club.

If you want to investigate the team more, please click on this link to check it all out - I’m part of a real amazing group (and feel pretty intimidated if I’m honest) and the kits really are fabulous :-)


try not to worry so much

try not to worry so much