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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

you can go your own way

you can go your own way

I admire the scrappers that document their weeks, months, years using Project Life. I’m so impressed by their persistence and skill, but it’s just not for me, mainly because I struggle to remember what I had for tea last night, let alone what I did for tea three weeks ago on a Tuesday night and remember to take a photo of it! 


It’s the curse of my brain to have a daily wipe and start each morning anew, I’m like some sort of sloth with amnesia… I take a little while to get going in the mornings and barely remember the day before, let alone document it with beautiful spreads and handwritten thoughtful notes. 


I’m more of a jumbler. I have a tendency to shove stuff into bags and coat pockets. I store weird things that I think look pretty or that I have deemed to have some magic meaning on a specific day for ‘reasons’. I’m a collector of all things that are only important to me. I’ll hold onto a sticker for years because I like the colour or to a ticket from an event that I didn’t really enjoy… but I need to keep the ticket, because it was proof of the experience – no one is asking for the proof you understand, I just need the proof to exist for me – strange attachments, see! 

When I first turned my hand to scrapping I had no real plan. I knew I wanted to put together some 12x12s with my New York photos but that was as far as my mind could take me. Although my mum has been an avid scrapper for years and I’ve seen her make and show me all things beautiful, I still had no idea of the scale out there until I started looking on Instagram at a few peoples accounts she had mentioned. 


Once I started the search my eyes were opened to the sheer craft explosion of travellers notebooks, project life and mysterious implements like the Minc and BigShot (the Minc I confess to not really understanding) and I couldn’t believe what people were able to put together with paper and time. I quickly amassed a collection of die-cuts and 12x12 paper pads and I was off, exploring and plonking my way along, scrap to scrap. 

I think because I still don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m not playing by the rules… oh yes there are rules (secret rules about not putting alphas in your TN and the like). 


I don’t really document, not in the true sense. I’m not three years behind in my project life and I shove whatever I like in my TN and on my layouts. So far no-one has kicked in my door to tell me off, but I’m sure as my following increases (get me) that day will come and when it does I will simply shrug my shoulders and say ‘so’. I’m not doing this to follow what someone thinks is the ‘right way’, we’ve already established I can’t use scissors correctly so I’m unlikely to do other things normally. I’m doing this the way I want because of the utter joy I get from creating something in my head and putting it on paper. Occasionally I might pre-plan a layout, but that’s mainly to get me through the working week. Most of the time when I create, I create on the spot with whatever is closest to hand and I sort of feel like that’s the approach we should all take. 


As I say, so far everyone has been very kind about my scrap and I’m grateful to have stumbled into this world of craftiness, it really does feel like a supportive club of people. I love my little scrappy community on Instagram and I like to hope that, in my own little ways I’m inspiring other people to give it a whirl, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a lot of fun and I’m having a blast. 


tools of the trade

tools of the trade

if you just smile

if you just smile