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ikea hack - diy craft room desk

ikea hack - diy craft room desk

Happy Sunday one and all

Cor blimey it’s been a busy weekend of tidying and finally getting organised after months of threatening it - oh Marie Kondoooo, it’s happening - I’m sparking joy all over my house - haha


One thing that I’ve been promising and hinting about for a little while has been my craft room makeover. It’s been plodding along slowly and if you follow my Instagram @nellyandclem you’ll have noticed a few weeks ago that I purchased some hairpin legs to create a desk for my room. I brought the legs from The Hairpin Leg Company (does what it says on the tin) and I ordered the three rod design (rather than the two) and in the 10mm classic thickness rather than the 12mm.

The best thing about their website is that you can chose for your legs to be treated in a particular colour. They have 11 different colour finishes to chose from and I opted for the duck egg colour - this turned out to be more turquoise, but that’s perfect as it colour matches my Ikea Raskog trolley exactly (I brought it in turquoise a few years ago however that shade seems to have been sadly discontinued).


So, I had my legs but needed a desk top. This is where Ikea enters again as you just can’t beat their products on price, build quality and convenience. I placed an order online for home delivery (oh yes, it’s that simple) and £10 and a few days later my living room was filled with boxes and a very excited/confused Clem.

I ordered the 100x60cm Linnmon table top as my craft room is very small and I didn’t want the desk to take over the entire space. The 100x60cm top worked best for me but they also offer a larger 150x75cm top if you have a bigger space to work with - you lucky devil :-)

Attaching the hairpin legs was pretty simple and I need to state at this point that I am incredibly dense when it comes to DIY - it’s really not my bag and our previous houses are littered with DIY errors I’ve made over the years, apologies to anyone living in those houses now.

What I’m saying is that I went into this task with a lot of trepidation, some pre-planning and an electric screwdriver.


When you order the hairpin legs you also receive the correct amount of screws for the job along with some handy protector feet to help stabilise the table and keep your carpet/flooring safe from scratches, these are also colour-coded to match the legs - very nice too :-)


First things first, I made sure to have something soft to rest the table top on (this prevents scratches while you’re moving it around), I used my living room rug but you could always use a blanket or the box the table top came in. I then began marking up where I wanted to place the legs. The Linnmon already has holes pre-drilled to fit a number of table legs that Ikea offers. I could have easily gone down this route, but I like the hairpin leg look and I wanted to make the table look as light as possible as it was going in a tiny room - if I used solid legs I think the table would look more imposing, also I’m a mid-century fiend so the hairpins just suited my decor more than anything Ikea was offering leg-wise.


As the hairpin legs splay outwards slightly you need to bear this in mind when you’re choosing their placement as it will affect how close to the wall the table top will sit - if you attach them too close to the edge of the table top you’ll end up with a larger gap between the back of the desk and your wall. I opted for just under an inch and a half in from the edge of the table and used the pre-drilled holes as a guide for where to mark with a pencil. The brackets are pretty sturdy so you shouldn’t need anyone to hold them while you’re marking up the holes, but if you are worried about them slipping, grab someone to assist with that part.


Once I’d marked up my holes, I moved the leg brackets away and used a bradawl and a hammer to create pilot holes on each pencil mark I had made.

Pilot holes are a good idea as they ensure that the screw goes in straight and also has something to bite into. Its not the end of the world if you don’t add pilot holes first so don’t panic if you haven’t got a bradawl, I just find it makes the job easier, that’s all.

Now you have your pilot holes you can add the leg brackets back onto the table and start to screw in the screws. My husband has a brilliant electric drill/screwdriver so I used this to get the job done quicker, also I have zero upper body strength so if I was screwing manually… well… I’d still be doing it now. If you have the elbow grease and lack the electronic drill then grab that Phillips screwdriver and get to work - as the table is made of chipboard it won’t take that long to screw them in… I’m just weak and impatient - haha

I made very quick work of the screws and once I was happy that everything was properly secured I added on the leg protectors and flipped the table over - job jobbed.

ikea desk hack.jpg

I also purchased some shorter 10cm legs from the same company as the desk legs and I attached these to an Ikea Ekat cabinet . Again, you can get customisable legs for the Ekat range from Ikea, but I liked the idea of my furniture matching so brought the legs in duck egg too and attached them in the same way to the Ekat and I did the Linnmon.

Note: I didn’t attach the doors to the front of the cabinet until I screwed on the legs.

A word of warning for the Ekat is to keep an eye on the holes inside the Ekat which the cabinet doors attach to - if you’re not careful about the placement of your legs you could potentially end up screwing through one of these holes and it will prevent you from attaching the doors correctly - just have a cheeky look inside before you start drilling. I’m glad I did this and didn’t ruin my furniture - I was pretty darn close to one of the holes though :-)

So there we go, at the end of that little DIY session you should have two lovely pieces of Ikea hacked furniture with gorgeous colour-coordinated legs.


The total cost of this job:

£75 for the two sets of legs from The Hairpin Leg Company (I purchased mine through their Amazon store as they were slightly cheaper and the delivery was free)

£6 for the Ikea Linnmon Table Top (I mean really, that’s insanely cheap)

£60 for the Ikea Ekat Cabinet which comes with one shelf but can be customised to have more shelves

Total cost = £141 - that’s not bad at all for two lovely pieces of furniture :-)

I’ll add some pictures of my craft room under a separate post to keep this one as a ‘how to guide’ rather than a show-off session - haha

Any questions about this process please feel free to comment below.

If you’ve tried an Ikea hack yourself, please share below and add in a link, I’m excited to see what other people have hacked together.

Until next time beans, have a super day in the sunshine x

ikea hack - diy moppe drawer unit

ikea hack - diy moppe drawer unit

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