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ikea hack - diy moppe drawer unit

ikea hack - diy moppe drawer unit

Bonjour beans!

Sorry for the silence over the past fortnight, things have been busy and rubbish due to a few different sad circumstances - I feel a bit like the sparkle has been kicked out of me, but I’m trying to remain positive and I’m hopeful that things will be back to normal soon-ish.

In the meantime, I’ve been cracking on with the house tidy alongside my ‘dressing room into craft room’ makeover extravaganza. It’s been going well and I’ve already moved the few pieces of furniture I have into every conceivable configuration before putting them all back pretty much where they were originally… a trait I’ve inherited from my mum who loves to relocate things :-)

The room is looking pretty spiffy now thanks to the addition of my Ikea hacked furniture and some white frames for my wall art - it’s amazing how white can make a space look so fresh and shiny new.


Now the furniture is in, I’ve been slowly trying to organise all my craft bits and put them in some sort of order. I have a little filing cabinet for all my puffy stickers and alpha thickers etc and a cupboard to store my 12x12 pads and other larger items. The problem I’ve faced is what to do with smaller items that I need close to hand, but that also have a tendency to get lost e.g paperclips and buttons - I’ve found my solution in a little wooden drawer unit from Ikea called Moppe.


The Ikea Moppe is one of the more popular Ikea products, much like the Kallax unit and the Raskog trolley, most people have one in their home.

I think the main selling point of the Moppe is that it’s a great size for storing little bits and bobs. Plus you can use it anywhere in your house and at £15 it’s a well-made ruddy bargain.

If you Google around a bit or look on Pinterest you’ll find plenty of customised versions of the Moppe - people really have gone to town with this plucky drawer unit and the results are amazing.

As I didn’t want to completely change the look of the unit, I opted for a more simple makeover - I basically wanted the drawer unit to sit on my desk but look prettier while it was doing that.


Anyone that knows me or reads this blog with any frequency, will be aware of my obsession with the Crate Paper Cute Girl range… I mean, it’s gorgeous and no-one seems to have made anything to rival it and I’m worried they never will. I’ve stock-piled as much of the paper as I can but it’s slim-pickings out there for any of the puffy stickers - sad times indeed.

Because I’m likely to use up my stock in the next year or so, I need to find a way to keep some of what I have visible for as long as possible, to make me happy, roll out the Moppe makeover.


I used a 6x6 pad of the Cute Girl papers and picked my favourites - that was a hard decision to make, but I think I picked the best six. I also made sure that the papers I chose coordinated nicely when they were sat side-by-side. This wasn’t too difficult as the entire pad uses colours that compliment one another so well.


To cut my papers to fit on the fronts of the drawers, I just traced around the drawers with a pencil and then cut them with a trimmer and used a craft knife to do the fiddly U shaped finger grab. Once the papers were the right size, I attached them with pritt-stick… nothing fancy needed here as it adhered to the wood easily.

After sticking on the papers I moved onto decorating the drawers and finding a way to list what was inside them. I opted for thickers alpha stickers and used a few different types that complimented the paper I’d chosen. I also used my little Dymo label maker to create the little punched words, this helped to make them more visible on some of the more busier papers.


Overall I’m happy with the result and the deep drawers really do store a heck of a lot of stuff. The other nice thing is that in the future if I want to change up the papers (although that’s unlikely) I can easily remove everything and start again.

I’ve given a slightly more detailed list below of what I used to keep the the craft connoisseurs happy :-)

Nelly Drawer - Cute Girl ‘My Girl’ paper + stick-on scrabble letters from Hobbycraft

Pegs and Clips Drawer - Cute Girl ‘Sassy’ paper + Dymo punched labels

Pom Poms & Tassels Drawer - Cute Girl ‘Magical’ paper + Paige Evans Whimsical Thickers ‘Happy Life’ Alphas

Buttons & Beads Drawer - Cute Girl ‘Make Believe’ paper + Paige Evans Whimsical Thickers ‘Happy Life’ Alphas

Crepe Paper Drawer - Cute Girl ‘Sisters’ paper + Felicity Jane ‘Reagan’ Chipboard Alpha stickers

Paperclips Drawer - Cute Girl ‘Sweetheart’ paper + Dymo punched label

So there we go, another little Ikea hack of sorts for your delectation.

I hope this week goes well for everyone even though it’s supposed to be a wet one - urgh.

Take care x

scrapping sunday - a collection of random bits and thoughts

scrapping sunday - a collection of random bits and thoughts

ikea hack - diy craft room desk

ikea hack - diy craft room desk