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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

journal cards - a few printable freebies

journal cards - a few printable freebies

Hey all!

I was having a little ponder the other day about embellishments. I’m a big fan and have quite a few collections in my craft cupboard, however, I find that there are always a few bits and bobs that I don’t use in each set. Do you suffer from that - some of those die cuts are lovely but just aren’t your style or colour choice, so they just sit there taking up space?

There are options for using them, you could make little note cards out of them or send them off in happy mail or pass them onto someone that you know would use them… but what about not buying them in the first place?!

I get so excited about new collections that I don’t really stop to think if I’ll use it all, I get caught up in the madness of knowing that if I don’t buy the bits they’ll sell out super fast and might not come back into stock. Also, my Instagram feed gets filled with all of these lovely layouts from people using those very kits and so I start to head off to my favourite sites for a cheeky purchase… it’s silly and I need to stop it.

If you’ve had a look around my site you might have noticed all the little pictures I use to indicate what sort of post it is… I knock those up using PowerPoint and just save them as .png files to upload to my site. They’re really quite easy to put together and I get a lot of enjoyment out of making them. Maybe one day I’ll do a Suse Fish and create my own little collection of printables that are my dream items… that way there will be no waste and I’ll get to scrap with my favourite things, we’ll see, it’s all very early days for me as I’ve only been scrapping since October last year… there’s time yet for rebel thoughts :-)

journal card - homers.png

As an experiment to see what I could do, I put together a few journal cards and thought I’d pop them up here for anyone that’s interested or who can’t resist a freebie.

I would just say that if you do happen to use them on any of your work, please could you link me on Instagram @nellyandclem so that I can see what you create?

this little grouping are more pastel-friendly. I know people are a bit weird about purple, but used in small amounts and with other pastel colours it can really look great. The first one is for coffee lovers, there are a lot of us out there. The middle one was inspired by a conversation with Suse Fish on her blog who pointed out that there just aren’t that many negative phrases out there… everything is all ‘best day ever’ but what about when you just have an ‘okay-ish’ day - I’m representing for the okay-ish peeps.

This bundle are a little bit more risque (well one of them is) but they’re fun. The first one is my little take on a lightbox quote. The middle one is a bit most sunshine fun times and the last one is for when you just can’t be bothered to deal - we all have those days.

So there we go, help yourself and let me know if you can think of any phrases that you’d like to see pop-up on some embellishments or die cuts.

Until next time beans x

being catty - scrap and self-criticism

being catty - scrap and self-criticism

scrapping sunday - a collection of random bits and thoughts

scrapping sunday - a collection of random bits and thoughts