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journal time - an intro to my travelers journal

journal time - an intro to my travelers journal

Hello one and all!

I hope you’re well and have been okay battling the weather over the weekend - it’s certainly on the turn now… rain and wind and that bite is definitely in the air… dun dun duuuuuh.

I’ve had a bit of a hectic couple of days so I’m trying to sneak this post up between trapping my cat and taking her to the vets for a booster (she did not appreciate that one jot), popping into London to celebrate a lovely friends birthday with a spot of curling (oh yes… curling) and heading over to another friends on Sunday to celebrate their fab daughter turning 6 with some fireworks and baked potatoes (yes please).

Between these jaunts, I’ve started work on my travelers journal.

Being on Instagram and Pinterest I’ve seen a lot of people posting about their travelers journals and travelers notebooks or TNs. It took me a while to work out what the heck a TN was and then even longer to purchase one from a crafting website (believe me, any of you reading from America, you’re sooooo lucky to have access to as much stuff as you do… it’s coming over here, but not fast enough for my liking). Anyhoo, I digress (what else is new).

TN journal.JPG

So I managed to find a lovely Travelers Notebook from a super online store called Craftie Charlie. If you live in the UK and are looking for craft supplies, Craftie Charlie is one of the good ones - they stock most of the big brands and also you can collect points with each order to save you money on future spendings… I love a discount code :-)

The TN I purchased is by Simple Stories and is a Carpe Diem Aztec black and white notebook and came with a polka dot pad ready to go.

I also purchased two little notebooks (one of which I am using in my photos) from Echo Park Papers - they’re part of the Coffee & Friends collection - one is black and white striped and one is black with a little coffee chalk slogan saying “I’ll get the coffee and then the world” - they’re both very cute. If you follow my @nellyandclem Instagram account you may have noticed a picture I put up of these two last month… so they’ve been sitting around waiting for me to get a grip :-)

First I decided to jazz up the front of one of the notebooks… because… why wouldn’t I.

TN cover.JPG

I added a little ‘Hello’ from my new favourite alpha stickers - from the Paige Evans Whimsical collection, which are stunning. They’re also proving quite the pain in the butt to get hold of, but I managed to get some from Hey Little Magpie (another handy little craft emporium online) and also a shop on Amazon. They come in a gorgeous array of colours and also a whole extra collection of pale pink letters on the reverse of the pack… I mean, what more could you ask for (other than 1 million pounds)!?

I have also been hoarding some cute little cat stickers from Meri Meri for a-g-e-s and finally stuck one of them on something… they’re beautiful and puffy and I love a puffy sticker more than anything (except 1 million pounds) :-)

The final little touch was adding one of my many shaped paperclips - this one was from a Heidi Swapp collection I purchased from Hobbycraft earlier in the year - they’re just perfect for adding a little something jazzy to any scrapbooking page or, in this example, using it to point out a word.

TN page one.JPG

So yes, the TN. I’ve only started on two pages so far, I have more to add to them, but I’ve uploaded the basics so you can get a rough idea of what I’m doing.

The first page is all from the Simple Stories Emoji Love collection. I just adore the pastel shades of the papers and also the style of the images.

The little Instagram camera was from a large 12x12 sheet of different emoji pictures… so I’ve cut them all up to use like ephemera/embellishments - sneaky sneaky.

Spookily enough I had a washi tape that perfectly matched the red in the paper so I was quite chuffed to make that discovery and used it on this page and the second page as well - I love it when a plan comes together.

I’m not sure whether to add anything to the left hand page at the moment… part of me wants to leave the gorgeous candy stripes visible as they’re so pretty… maybe I’ll just add something small… who knows?

TN page two.JPG

The second page was colour-coordinated to match the little “Let’s do this thing” plant square, which again, I cut from a 12x12 sheet of little pictures from the On A Whim! Amy Tangerine paper pad. I found a corresponding pink/red sheet of paper from the Maggie Holmes Bloom range (it gives me The Overlook Hotel carpet vibes). I made the little tag from some Dovercraft cardstock and the little TODAY sticker came from an Amy Tangerine sticker book along with the ‘pretty’ tag and the little thumbs up sticker.

The WOOP WOOP was made using a Simple Stories SN@P alphabet sticker pack I got from Amazon that has loads of different colour alphabet stickers - they’re really great, but do have an annoying habit of peeling up a little bit so I have to use a pritt-stick on them sometimes to ensure they stay down on the page - pesky critters.

So there we go, it’s early days and I have some wording to add to the pages, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what I’m working on.

Once the notebook is well on its way I’ll upload a little video to my Instagram so you can see how I’m getting on :-)

Do you have a TN, if so what sort of things do you put in yours? Photos of trips or do you use it like a day-to-day journal? I’m tempted to make another notebook filled with lists as well e.g. top ten movies, books, songs etc… busy, busy, busy.

By the by, the papers I’ve used in the background of my photos are from the Paige Evans Whimsical range - I brought a few individual 12x12 pages as they are beautiful and the 12x12 paper pad seems to be incredibly elusive… this seems to be the theme of new stock… it just gets snapped up, so for now I’m just grabbing what I can! Haha

Take care and I’ll upload again soon.


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