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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

difficult difficult lemon difficult

difficult difficult lemon difficult

I’m in the process of building myself back up after what has been a tough few months. This year started with so much promise and I’m desperate to end it with plenty of positivity – we’re over halfway through people, I’m hoping it can be turned around!


It’s not all doom and gloom as there are plenty of good things on the horizon that give me confidence:

  • I’m celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary in August – very exciting and this introvert is throwing a party (haha)

  • My parents and sister are hoping to move house which will mean they’ll be moving closer to me – yay

  • My husband has nearly finished his three year Masters degree – amazing skillz

  • My dad is *finally* retiring in August – hoo-ray as it’s about time he had a break

  • I’ve got a weeks holiday booked off in the work diary – come on sunshine, do your thang

  • Design teams will be looking for applicants soon – oooooh *dances*

So yes, things are on the up and up – I just need to keep looking ahead.


While on the subject of positivity, I’ve been plodding along with my ‘little book of happy’ and have been adding in pages here and there to keep me ticking along. I’m going to carry on doing this until the book is full as it’s really helping me to keep smiling and focusing on all the nice bits.


If you haven’t dedicated a TN purely to this idea, I would whole-heartedly recommend it and it’s very easy to get started:

Get together a collection of your very favourite papers and embellishments - those ones that you’ve been squirrelling away for a ‘special occasion’ that will not materialise – is it time to use them!

Track down a few of those photos that always bring cheery memories – they don’t need to be the best quality or presented beautifully, they can be silly and blurry and cropped weirdly – this book is for you and your joy, it’s not for the ‘gram likes.

Once you’ve got your assorted bits together, you can start sticking! Make sure to leave a little tag or bit of room for some journaling, that way you can write down the memory and capture the thought in your book for future low times (I’m thinking January when everything is cold and no longer Christmas – haha).

 It’s also a nice idea to add in some of your other favourite things, whether that’s books you always reach for, or movies that make you feel sparkly when you’re down, or even quotes, song lyrics or poems that make you smile – get ‘em all in the book!


Lets hope for more ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ and less ‘difficult difficult lemon difficult’

Here’s a little process video for this scrap - check it out at the link below and if you like it, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel :-)

Enjoy x

typewriters and move arounds

typewriters and move arounds

bird set free + youtube

bird set free + youtube