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love day - a collection of sweet treats

love day - a collection of sweet treats

Hello one and all!

I hope you’re well and have had a splendid weekend. We’ve been a bit rained out here, but there is the promise that next week will bring sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, I’m banking on this as I’m getting a bit tired of walking to the train station in gale-force winds + rain - I put my make up on and 15 minutes later it’s been washed away *sigh*

Anyhoo, I’m not here to talk about the weather (even though in England that’s all we bang on about), I’m here to talk about L-O-V-E, specifically Valentine’s Day which is slamming down hard on Thursday 14th February. Now, you may have some feelings and opinions about this day of the year as I’m sure a lot of people do. You might feel that it’s utter bollocks and a waste of everyone’s time and money, you might feel like it’s a slap in the face to anyone that isn’t in a relationship or has lost someone to force other peoples romance upon you… or you might feel like it’s the best day of the year and it’s a chance to show that special person how much you love them.

I fall somewhere in the middle of those options.

I’ve been happily married for 9 years so we’ve been through a few Valentine’s Days together. While we’ve celebrated some with meals out or a spin on the London Eye, on others we’ve either exchanged a daft card or simply just had an extra nice dinner together at home, it’s no real biggie to us, but that is mainly because we make sure to tell one-another how we feel most days.

Some people have been in relationships for years and Valentine’s Day is the only day where their partner expresses their true feelings, even if that is in the form of petrol station posies… it still means a great deal to the recipient so who is anyone to poo poo that gesture?

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day gives people an opportunity to be nice to one another and express feelings of love and togetherness - for sure we should be doing that every day and not need anyone to give us a specific date, but people don’t work that way, we’re a complicated shower of bastards most of the time and you can quote me on that.

In an attempt to get me in the mood for the big day, I decided to have a snoop around at the many, many, many websites offering gift ideas and heart-themed bits and bobs for the loved-up amongst us to purchase and shower over our partners.

Here is a collection of things that I deemed lovable…

The Kate Spade cuff is very sweet and also available in pink - cute, cute, cute.

I love Agathe Sorlet her prints are wonderful. This particular one is gorgeous and the colour choices make my heart sing.

Anthropologie is my go to place for gifts, especially monogrammed gifts. This cute little keyring is a lovely trinket to give to someone special.

Veronica Dearly gives good sass, her website is full of fun prints, sarcastic pins and comedy gold. If you’re searching for a silly Valentine’s Day card, look no further.

The School of Life is an amazing organisation dedicated to life issues. They have a cracking online shop filled with things to help develop emotional intelligence. I really like the idea behind this relationship reboot kit - its filled with cards to assist in opening up the lines of communication to talk about things that couples struggle with in long-term relationships. Talking always helps and I think this little kit would be great for people that need a little push to do that.

This horny frog card just made me guffaw so I needed to include it in the mix :-)

I love Orla Kiely and as you’ve probably noticed from other posts, I love a big mug, so this was always going to get picked by me :-)

Chips, chips, chips - they’re the absolute best and this glittery chippy card made me very happy indeed.

Strangely this jumper has the exact colour combo as the chips card… a happy coincidence. It’s covered it little hearts and looks super soft and cosy, the perfect choice for your V-Day outfit.

So there we go, a collection of lovey dovey bits and bobs to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re spending it with your partner, a group of friends, your furry pal, or on your own under a blanket, have a fab February 14th and feel the love.

Take care x

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ikea hack - diy craft room desk

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