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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

plan ahead - a collection of planners for 2019

plan ahead - a collection of planners for 2019


I hope you’re all well. Sorry for the delay in posting, things have been a little busy recently and I’ve been rushing around all over the place. This is the first weekend I’ve been in my house and able to type… I say that, but even now I have an 8.5kg cat sat on my lap because she won’t leave our Christmas tree alone. I’m having to type through her legs while she lies on her back grooming her belly and plotting her next attack *eye roll* nothing is ever straight-forward.

Although we’re still very much in December, my thoughts are already heading towards the new year. I’m hoping that 2019 will be my year, the year of creativity - I’m going to get more organised, draw and paint more and finally start to put myself out there - kapow!

This website was the catalyst for a few things and although I’ve only been going since October, I’ve already had over 300 page views and visits from people all over the world - so thank you very much for that. Hopefully once I figure out how analytics work and how I can make things more searchable (techno-gibber) I’ll be able to increase that even more, but in the meantime, I’m pretty proud of that result and I’m grateful for all the traffic.

So, to plan all of my plans and get myself in an organisational zone of achievement (OZA) and quit faffing about I’m going to need a planner. I’ve been shopping around and since doing that I’ve discovered that boy-oh-boy is there a market for that sort of thing. As a massively disorganised procrastinator I never realised the sheer wealth of organisational tools that are at my disposal. I’ve been using a scruffy notebook at work and my phones calendar/alert system and my brain… no wonder I’m always forgetting peoples birthdays and events, I can’t even remember to get food out to defrost.

It’s quite comical that I’m so terrible at organising myself, especially when I look at my sister who is the most organised human alive… why has none of this rubbed off on me? Maybe I was using her as my own personal 80’s Filofax throughout my childhood and teen years? Now I’m a grown up (ha) and have a house of my own I’m missing her skillz and have had to fend for myself… It’s been over 12 years of being shocking… but NO MORE!

See the amount of notebooks, journals, diaries and planners available… this will surely fix me…

plan ahead title.png

Each image should link you to the location but just in case it doesn’t, I’ve added the links below along with the current cost of the item… some have already been reduced so keep an eye out for further reductions…

  1. rough draft mini notebook - £14

  2. Rifle Paper Co planner stickers - £4

  3. Webster's Pages copper hexagon planner - £35

  4. Rifle Paper Co to-doodle-do - £7

  5. Kate Spade planner charms - £9

  6. Paperchase a list a day journal - £7

  7. Clare V x sugar paper planner - £42

  8. Paperchase cat and dog erasers – £4

  9. School of life inner voices journal - £15

I’m currently obsessed with and all their joyful gear. If you’re still searching for brilliant Christmas gifts they really do have some excellent bits and bobs. I particularly love their ‘I don’t work here’ range and their slogan gym bags… they’re such fun and the prices are super reasonable too.

So there we are, organisation a-go-go + some little organising accessories… because why the heck wouldn’t you personalise your planner!? With that many choices I can’t go wrong… and if I do… it’ll be the planners fault and certainly not mine… that’s how it works, right?

Take care little beans, look after one another and call your parents for a chat and if you can’t do that, raise a little glass to them. December is for getting in touch and joy distribution.


let's do it - new year's resolutions in scrap

let's do it - new year's resolutions in scrap

journal time - an intro to my travelers journal

journal time - an intro to my travelers journal