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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

planning to get a grip - you got this

planning to get a grip - you got this

Happy Sunday chaps

Its been a busy few weeks for me and if you’ve happened upon any of my posts on Instagram you’ll have seen that things are finally starting to look up over at Casa Nelly. Its really been a testing time over the last month or so, but I’m hopeful that its ‘up the ziggurat, lickety-split’ from here guys (little Arnold Rimmer quote for you there) :-)


When I was going through my meltdowns, that was reflected in my memory planning. I went a tad Jackson Pollock with my scrap, although as abstract expressionists go, it could have been worse, I could have gone full-Rothko.

out is through

I figure if I’m going to document memories, I should capture it all - the good, the bad and the ugly. It makes sense to me as it’s all real. When you write a diary you don’t skip over the negatives, so why should scrap be any different?

I commented on abstract expressionism above, but in all honesty that particular art movement has always interested me a great deal. I find it fascinating, the spontaneity of ‘paint throwing’ and the ability to create a mood is exciting to me and something that I use when I paint on canvas and also when I chose the colours and pieces to go alongside my scrap - it all has meaning to me and it’s not by accident.

only way out is through

I recently started doodling again and forgot just how much fun it is to put pen to paper, even if it’s to create something silly.

Spurred on by the positive feedback, I think I might look into creating an Etsy shop to sell some of my doodles digitally. I always thought about selling my oil paintings via Etsy, but as I use such large canvas I think it’d end up being quite stressful to ship anything I sold, plus, I’d worry every time I sent something in case it was damaged en route - it’s not good for my anxious brain to deal with that sort of thing so digital art is probably the best idea :-)


Anyhoo, we’ll see how things go, it’s still early days but I am trying to make this the year of ‘getting shit done’ and creating an Etsy store would fall very much under that category :-)

In the meantime, I’m going to carry on with the scrap and take advice from my doodle.

Take care x

project life - over-complicating a simple process

project life - over-complicating a simple process

spring time scrap + jane foster love

spring time scrap + jane foster love