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project life - over-complicating a simple process

project life - over-complicating a simple process

Hi all

Sooooo, in the interests of giving everything ‘paper-crafty’ a whirl, I’ve delved into the wacky world of Project Life.

I don’t really know all that much about Project Life as a lot of the scrapbookers that I follow don’t seem to get involved - they mainly do 12x12s, travellers notebooks or their own embellishments, so this is a bit of a rogue move for me.


After having a Google, I learnt that Project Life was created as a kind of quick-fix for scrapbookers who don’t have the time to document - it’s supposed to be a simplified process for memory keeping - makes sense.

As I mainly work on 12x12s, they can be pretty time-consuming - paint splatting has to dry, plus all that paper layering I do involves quite a bit of faff and thought. Project Life sounded like a good thing for me to get my teeth into when I didn’t have the patience to 12x12.


So what have I learnt after doing my first Project Life page? I’ve learnt that I can make a reeeeal meal out of it - hahaha

If Project Life is supposed to be a simplified process, I’ve managed to complicate the ever-lovin-heck out of it… but then again, that’s what I dooooo.


I decided to treat each little pocket as a stand-alone piece but then also decided to use colours and patterns that would compliment one another, that way once all the pieces were placed together they would look like a complete picture and captured a memory at the same time.


I decided to add in a few fun little twists rather than just journal cards, that’s where the doily came in - who knew you could stamp on a doily… not this gal until about 3 hours ago :-)

I used polaroid frames in some of the larger dividers to break up the pockets and stamped one with a little yellow NYC to bring the colours I wanted into the mix.

As none of my photos fit the pocket sizes I decided to add them in different ways by either topping handmade journal cards or by attaching them with bakers twine or washi tape - it just helped to tie in the polka dots and also add a little something extra to the overall look - you know me, I like to faff :-)


This page was a bit of a labour of love and also gave me an opportunity to use a few things that I’ve recently acquired, for example, my WRMK corner cutter was put to use to round the edges on my journal cards, I used my little heart punch to cut out some confetti, I also got to use my white paint pen for the first time. I originally brought the pen to use on vellum and photographs, but it worked well on the pink card and tab and was actually way more visible than I thought it would be - result.

Here is the finished product:


While I did enjoy diving into the world of Project Life, I think my favourite scrap is and will always be 12x12s.

I will come back to this though, and also use it to actually document holidays and proper events as a traditional form of memory keeping, that way I can still scrap my little weird and wonderful layered bundles but also create something that I can store in a binder for people to look through and see my photos and memories showcased properly - huzah

Until next time, look after yourselves and everyone around you - dish out hugs to your favourite people, we’re all fragile little beans and in need of a cuddle :-)

mwah x

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anxiety + me - I got it, I got it, I ain't got it

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