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scrapping sunday - a collection of random bits and thoughts

scrapping sunday - a collection of random bits and thoughts

Hi beans

I hope you’re all good and having nice chilled Sunday afternoons.

I’ve had a bit of a scrap happy weekend and have been testing out a few different ideas and generally tooling around in my little craft room of joy. I’ve popped a few pictures below of my antics for your delectation - enjoy.

tools of the trade

A few weekends ago my mum came to stay - which was brilliant, I bloody love my mum, she’s totally nuts. She is also a crafting extraordinaire with a whole bunch of knowledge and scrapping experience under her belt and very kindly took the time to fill my brain with tonnes of new techniques and ideas. She showed me how to create crepe paper rosettes, how to use Golden gel mediums and we stamped, punched and die-cut for days so now I’ve got a whole stash of new things to use and try - so exciting!

love cutting

Yesterday I basically spent most of the afternoon cutting out the little journaling sized cards you get on some 12x12 sheets - I don’t know if they have an official name, but I feel like each range has at least two pages dedicated to little bits and bobs you can cut out and use for embellishments. I mainly chopped up lots of Pebbles Valentine’s Day papers and then a whole bunch of Maggie Holmes bits too - I’m embellished up to my eyeballs now :-)

paper rosettes

Today I watched a youtube video by the wonderful Paige Evans and learned how to create paper rosettes - click here to see it. She really made it so easy to understand and since watching the video I’ve bashed out a few different ones to use on some future projects - woop


If you saw my Instagram yesterday then you know that I couldn’t bring myself to chop up the reverse of this lovely Maggie Holmes 12x12 so it’s on my wall instead - curse Crate Paper for putting two lovely designs on both sides of a sheet - I mean really, come on guys, don’t make me Sophie’s Choice!!

So there we go, a few different crafty bits and bobs. I’ve got some new stuff to be getting on with over the coming weeks and I’m pretty excited to start busting out some 12x12s - I’ll share as I go, promise :-)


Sad side-note

Things have been a bit difficult recently, as hinted in my previous post, and there’s been a lot of stressful things going on in my life. I’m hopeful that by the end of March I’ll be back on track with some parts but in the meantime scrapping really has been helping me to deal with some of the stuff, it sounds dorky, but being creative really does act as it’s own therapy sometimes.

One of the main catalysts for my mental/emotional delicateness is that a beautiful friend of mine passed away at the end of last year and it was her birthday on Saturday. It stirred up a lot of stuff as I haven’t really dealt with her death. I think the main thing that makes my heart actually ache, is that we can’t talk anymore - I can’t send her silly GIFs of baby animals and when something exciting happens I can’t share it with her. She was one of the main people who bugged me to start blogging again (as she used to read all of my posts back when I blogged in my late 20’s), she was super supportive of anything even remotely creative I did and didn’t get to see or know that I’d started things up again... man, that’s painful to write.

I love her so much and miss her beautiful spirit and heart daily, it’s crazy that she’s gone, I still expect to see her walk through the door at work or hear her gorgeous laugh. Talking about her helps but equally I don’t want to bring everything up as I don’t want to bum other people out as we’re all grieving - it’s a tough one.

I toasted her on Saturday night with her most favourite tipple and I really hope that whatever the heck happens to us when we’re gone, and wherever she is, she’s dancing around and in her words ‘grabbing life, smiling, laughing and cherishing’.


I guess what I’m trying to say, in my own special way, is love those around you and make sure that you tell them as much as possible how you feel about them... just don’t make it weird guys - haha

Be nice to people, take lots of photos and enjoy life as much as you can, try not to get bogged down in the crud stuff as you just don’t know what’s going to happen.

Until next time sweet cheeks x

journal cards - a few printable freebies

journal cards - a few printable freebies

ikea hack - diy moppe drawer unit

ikea hack - diy moppe drawer unit