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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

smile time - a collection of happy homewares

smile time - a collection of happy homewares

Bonjour beans!

I hope you’re all okay and feeling tip-top. I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve felt better.

After a cracking weekend of drinks, dancing, leaping about being a doofus and elaborate photography at a posh hotel with everyone from the company I work at (we were celebrating our 30 year anniversary in style) I’ve managed to catch a cold - urrrgggghhhhhh. I figure with everyone being drunk and in super close quarters on the dance floor (what… they played Teenage Dirtbag, I had to dance) I’ve grabbed the lurg from someone.

So, even though I’m supposed to be on holiday today… I’m typing from my sick bed… or sick sofa… while Clem races around like a lunatic playing with a paper straw and I sneeze all over my laptop keyboard - do’h.

It’s at times like these that I need to find some fun or else I slip into a Princess Bride-esque Pit of Despair. As I’m sofa bound, I’ve decided to find that fun in the form of shopping for homewares online - haha.

I’m in the process of prepping for THE BIG CLEAN in February and that also means that I’m looking to jazz up and rejig the house a little. I’m going to completely covert my tiny box room, which is officially a dressing room, but my husband has dubbed the ‘Lady Room’, into more of a craft room. I’m also planning to move furniture around and sort out the spare room, our bedroom and Chris’s office so it’s all ready for him to swot up for his exams. Lots to do, lots to do.

I’ve put together a little collection of things that made me smile while I was trolling through my favourite homeware websites. Hopefully these bits and bobs pop a little smile on your face too.

smile time

1. Qeeboo killer shark storage holder - £160

This Qeeboo shark is so much fun. It’s made from plastic so could happily store your wet umbrella in your hallway and look brilliant while doing it. I’d be tempted to have it in a craft room and use it to hold tubes of wrapping paper. It’s also available in black, but I prefer it in grey.

2. Disney baymax mug - big hero 6 - £13

Aww, I *love* baymax. If you haven’t seen Big Hero 6, you need to watch it, it’s wonderful. I’m obsessed with this mug and I’m finally going to buy it as I’ve been thinking about it for months now - haha. I think I might use it to store my pens, as it’s a bit of a beast to drink out of. But if you like big mugs and you cannot lie… then go for it and fill it to the brim with coffee, tea or whatever your poison is… bovril??

3. Andy Warhol campbells soup scented candle - £45

I have a real fondness for Andy Warhol and thanks to Ligne Blanche we can all have a little piece of one of Warhol’s iconic works, the super colourful Campbell’s Soup tin… but in candle form… because… reasons. There are four options available, all in different colours and with different scents. This one, smells of tomato leaf, basil and mint, so I think that would be quite a nice refreshing aroma to have in either your kitchen or bathroom. I think the concept is fab and there are also matching plates available too.

4. Qeeboo mini rabbit portable charger - £35

This is the second Qeeboo product I’ve added to this bundle, that’s mainly because their stuff is so cute and it makes me smile. I first found out about Qeeboo after seeing their gorgeous rabbit chairs knocking around the place. Once I started looking into the brand a bit more, I found soooo many other fabulous products, my cup runneth over. This rabbit portable charger is a new addition and is not only gorgeous, but super practical. It’s tiny, measuring 12cm tall, which means it’s perfect for storing in your luggage or handbag for when you need that all important top up for your phones juice. It comes in pink and light grey and has a USB port in the butt (haha) for your charging needs.

5. Jonathan Adler calories canister - £98

I love a bit of Jonathan Adler. You can really get a big ol’ mash of styles from this website. One of the new ranges is all based on drugs - haha. You can get pots, bowls and trays with Hash, LSD and Weed written on them, which are very fun. This canister is part of the Vice range, which also features canisters with Gluten and Glitter written on them - love it. As I don’t believe in vegan-uary or whatever the heck trend happens in January (you’re just making a cruddy month cruddier by denying yourself joy and treats)… I say go forth and get yourself a canister to fill with calories to get through Winter… start being healthy when you’re supposed to… in a panic about two weeks before you go on holiday.

6. Jimbob Art moles and voles side plate - £23

I have a few Jimbob plates in my house and find them all to be great fun. I have one on my living room wall which says ‘Cheese Defender’ and has a bear on it. You should deffo check out their website as it’s filled with fun products to make you laugh and their plates are perfect for hanging on the wall or using for their intended purpose, a receptacle for shoving food in your face. I really like this moles and voles plate as, I too, love a bacon roll.

7. Jack Teagle godzilla print - £12

Act fast if you want one of these godzilla prints by Jack Teagle as there are only 50 available… well… 49 as I know I’ve brought one :-) I love Jack Teagle’s work, I’ve been a fan for a little while now and have purchased a few bits through Red Bubble. I really like both Jack’s style and colour palette. Check out his animal prints if you’re not as excited about the space and skulls work as I am. Also, if you’re a fan of 80’s movies like, Aliens, Predator and Robocop, you’ll LOVE his movie prints. You can also follow Jack on Instagram.

8. Ohh Deer don’t ruin my table coaster - £4

I’ve got a little soft spot for the word ‘douchbag’ - I love it. I think it’s fun to say and perfectly describes how I feel about people sometimes. This coaster is great as it’s sooo true. As someone that owns a friggin’ expensive West Elm coffee table, I want my guest to use a bloody coaster - I might get myself a few of these babies, that way they can say what I’m thinking, so I don’t have to.

9. Chic Wish chunky hand knit grey cardigan - £55

Finally, something that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face… it’s a chunky jumper or cardigan. January is rubbish and cold and grim and grotty. One of the only positive things to come out of this time of year is the clothing - I adore my Winter wardrobe. There is nothing better than snuggling down in a chunky cardigan so check out Chic Wish for a frankly insane collection of all things jumper, sweater, cardigan and knit, to help keep you toasty and stylish while you’re freezing your butt off.

There we go. A nice collection of things to pop a smile on your face. It worked for me and I hope it did for you too. Fingers crossed this cold is short-lived and I’m back in business very shortly. Until then… take care guys and have a great week. x

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