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spooky scrap - my first halloween themed scrap

spooky scrap - my first halloween themed scrap

Hello beans

I hope you’ve all had suitably spooky Halloweens!

I’m a bit delayed with this post as things have been a little busy recently, but I’m back on scrap and have had enough time to put together a Halloween scrapbook page to add to my growing collection of 12 x 12s - at some point I really need to work out how to display them properly and then maybe I’ll upload a video so you can see what I’ve put together so far :-)


So, to the inspiration for the 12 x 12.

I’ve had some gloriously ghoulish photos which I have wanted to do something with for quite some time. They were taken a few years ago now (10 years to be exact - how the heck did that happen)!


Some of our friends hosted a Halloween fancy dress/birthday party and it was a brilliant night. I dressed as a ‘sexy’ bee (obviously) fulfilling one of the two options for women at Halloween - ladies we all know our choices for fancy dress - we either get to dress as A, a sexy version of a non-sexy thing… this includes all animals and fairy tale characters, you can even get a sexy cookie monster costume (!) orrrrr, option B, which is basically dress like a total nerd and have the ‘sexy costumed’ girls look at you like you’re a moron all night - see Mean Girls for a real-life example of this.

Anyhoo, I digress.

These pictures were taken half way through the night when some alcohol may have been consumed and inevitably we’d all started swapping accessories.

I’d inherited a zombie grooms top hat, my husband had borrowed my bee antenna and my husbands best friend had a viking helmet atop his zombie bonce - because… alcohol.

This made for some great photos :-)


I really enjoyed putting this 12 x 12 together and I’m super grateful to LALALAB for printing my lovely photos onto super cute tiny polaroids complete with text and emojis.


Those little extra details really add something to the shots and LALALAB have a handy little app that you can download and use to upload any photos you’ve taken on your phone.

They haven’t paid me to big them up, I just happen to like how they print the photos - the quality is great and you have loads of options for sizes and colours of the polaroids.

You can also print Photobooks, larger prints and onto magnets and cards - fun!

Back to my Halloween this year and sadly things were a bit more low-key as it fell on a rainy Wednesday… bit of a naff day for it.

My husband and I had our usual pumpkin-off and I was quite proud of my Rebel symbol from Star Wars - it came out pretty well considering I copied it from a Google image onto a bit of kitchen roll with a Sharpie - haha.


Also, in a whirlwind of ‘not really thinking it through’, I’d put together over 60 party bags for the trick or treaters. This was based on previous years as we had seen hoards of hungry children at my door demanding treats and not tricks… unfortunately about 20 kids came this year, some really blurring the lines between ‘kid’ and ‘too effin’ old to be trick or treating really - I think if your voice has broken you should probably pack it in!!

So the end result of the 20 ‘kids’ is that I’ve got rather a lot of penny sweets to consume, by no means a tragedy, but still a lot of sugar for me to get through… so don’t tell my dentist.

Back to the 12 x 12, here’s the final result:


I’m pretty proud of it. I punched two holes in the card using my Rapesco single hole punch and then threaded some striped twine through the holes - I’ve done this before on previous 12 x 12s and it’s a fun way of presenting the photos as you can attach them to the twine using paper clips (if they’re set in portrait) or with mini pegs like it’s a washing line (when set in landscape). It’s a cute effect and I also like attaching little washi tape flags too.

Items used:

So I didn’t actually go too crazy with this one.

The large {BOO} was made with Thickers stickers - Root Beer I think they were called.

The orange paper was from my Dovercraft colour pack of 12 x 12 sheets.

The black polka dot paper was from a 6 x 6 paper pack by My Favourite Things and was a black & white basics set (very cute).

All of the stickers were from a Carpe Diem mini sticker tablet which is called Seasons and is for planners really as there are monthly themed sticker pages - I used nearly all of the October stickers from the little pack as I didn’t really have any Halloween themed papers or embellishments (on my list for next year).

The two glow in the dark ghost stickers were from an own brand sticker pack from Hobbycraft.

The paper clips were from an own brand Hobbycraft bumper pack.

The washi tape was from a bumper pack off Amazon of black and white tape - it’s not the greatest for sticking, but does the trick if you really push it down - haha.

The ‘Spooky’ alpha stickers were by Heidi Swapp and came in a big kit.

So there we go, a spooky Halloween layout. I hope you all had fabulous Halloween fun and are enjoying Autumn.

I’ll be back soon with hopefully some new 12 x 12s and also some Travel Journal-ness as I’ve just purchased myself a lovely little journal book from Carpe Diem - swoon

In the mean time, take care of yourselves and others.


super scrap - a massive 9x9 photo and embellishment scrap

super scrap - a massive 9x9 photo and embellishment scrap

cushion pushin' - ohh deer cushion competition 2018

cushion pushin' - ohh deer cushion competition 2018