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spring time scrap + jane foster love

spring time scrap + jane foster love

Hey all!

Well, well, well… look who finally decided to turn up… it’s only the bloody sun!!

Thank goodness that things are starting to warm up around the place. Also, since we’ve lost an hour today that means that we’ll have even more daylight to enjoy and I won’t have to keep walking home from work in the dark - hoo-flippin-ray.

jane foster 1.jpg

Although I don’t completely lose my marbles in the winter months, I do find that I’m more susceptible to a sense of humour malfunction so this weather change is good news for everyone, especially my husband who’s probably had enough of my scathing retorts - haha

Anyhoo, along with this improved weather comes an improved outlook as *finally* things seem to be heading in the right direction in not only my personal life but in my craft life, and I couldn’t be happier.

The blogs numbers are soaring, thanks in part to my Pinterest and Instagram accounts growth and I’m starting to get a bit more of a feel for what’s working in terms of my scrapping layouts and layering.

jane foster 2.jpg

I’ve started using different colours and I’ve been trying to lay off the black so much and let some other lighter papers into the mix - I’m attempting to make things a bit softer.

This scrap for example has got quite a few little spring-time colour accents - mainly yellows, greens and pinks. I think this was probably inspired by my coveting of the Felicity Jane Jaimee kit - the colours from March’s kit just scream fresh spring time and I’m a bit in love with it.

jane foster 3.jpg

One of the papers from my layered bundle is coincidentally from Felicity Jane… the little hearts… utterly gorgeous! I’ve also added in some papers from, you guessed it, Cute Girl, as the tiny houses perfectly matched the green in my photo.

While we’re on the subject of the photo, I should explain that this scrap was inspired by the print on my wall of the ‘girl with bob’. You may remember that I posted about acquiring this print a few weeks ago, it’s by Jane Foster who is a marvellous illustrator. You may have seen her work in John Lewis or, if you have children, you might have seen her beautiful children’s books. Anyhoo, I love her work and ordered this print to put up in my craft room. It came wrapped in her tissue paper and had lots of little touches that I needed to do something with… so I decided to use them all in a scrap.

jane foster 4.jpg

I made rough little flower rosettes out of the tissue paper and slid in a few crepe paper mint rosettes and some stripey ones alongside a little photo bundle on my 12x12. In my layers I added a paper sweet bag and slid into that an off-cut of the compliments slip from my Jane Foster order as that contained a gorgeous lady that I could have peeking out of the bag - super cute.

Here’s the end result:

jane foster 5.jpg

So there we go, a fun little spring scrap to showcase the lovely work of Jane Foster.

I would highly recommend having a look at her website and etsy shop as she has some beautiful items. I happened to purchase my mum one of her prints for Mother’s Day and she seemed pretty chuffed with that so it’s all good news :-)

If you’re in the UK I hope you’re having a lovely Mother’s Day and I’ll see you again soon.

Until next time beans x

planning to get a grip - you got this

planning to get a grip - you got this

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being catty - scrap and self-criticism