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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

sunny scrap - an autumnal stroll for coffee turned scrap

sunny scrap - an autumnal stroll for coffee turned scrap

Hi there beans!

Cor, things have taken a turn for the worse weather-wise, it’s all rather bleak out there today. I hope you’re snuggled up indoors under a blanket fort like me - today is not for venturing out.

It feels a bit loco doing this blog post today, given that the weather is so grim, but it helps to remind me that the sunshine will come again, just not for a few months :-)


I starting compiling this 12x12 waaaaaay back in early December and it’s taken me frankly ages to blog about it… my bad.

I took the photos on a gorgeously sunny morning in October when completely unexpectedly my train arrived at London Bridge on time. I mean, that is unheard of. I travel on Southern Rail/Thameslink so allow an extra 30 minutes due to cancellation/delays every frickin’ day… but on this day, this magical day, I arrived on time and celebrated this momentous occasion with a trip to Starbucks and a walk along the Thames before heading into the office.

I’m incredibly lucky to work near such an amazing part of London. If you ever want to get uninterrupted views of Tower Bridge, City Hall and the Tower of London (from across the river) I would recommend walking over to More London Place around 9am, it’s so quiet and there are hardly any people around, you can grab some breakfast and just sit by the river and take it all in. It’s deffo worth a trip and waaaay better than standing on London Bridge infuriating commuters trying to get to work - people will not thank you for trying to grab a selfie on that bridge and you’ll end up getting photobombed by someone in a hurry.


So, to the scrap… I decided to use a colour palette of yellows, blues and greens as that worked well with the photos, also I knew I wanted to use the Rise and Shine journalling card so that formed the centre of 12x12.

I’ve experimented a few times with using twine on my 12x12s and I liked the overall look, so I punched eight holes in the card using my Rapesco single hole punch and then threaded some striped twine through the holes and secured it at the back to create a grid. I used Heidi Swapp gold glitter reinforcers to cover the holes and add a little bit of sparkle.


The majority of the papers I used came from a 6x6 pad created by My Favourite Things. The pad is called Fun and Frolic and has some very cute patterns and colour combos in it. I decided to cut the papers into squares and stack them to give a layered effect. I also used the papers to create my tiny coffee cup which i stamped with a Heidi Swapp ‘enjoy’ stamp that I’ve had knocking around for awhile.

The coffee bunting I used was created by cutting out the design with a craft knife then finishing it off with my must favourite ‘Happy Life’ Thickers stickers from the Paige Evans Whimsical range. I really love the colours in those stickers. I also added a little ‘Wake Up’ using the same stickers and finished it off with a Case of the Blahs cardstock arrow pointing at the Rise and Shine card.


After digging through my die-cuts I came out with a couple of pieces which worked with the colour scheme and finished off the design - the little yellow house from the Simple Stories Domestic Bliss range and the super sweet gold ‘hello’ and ‘lovely’, which I overlapped to say ‘hello lovely’ which were also from Simple Stories.

I added quite a few little enamel dots and stickers to this design, mainly to fill in any of the blank spaces, sometimes you need a few tiny things to pull everything together.

The sunshine and cloud paperclips fitted in perfectly and having the twine grid meant that I could use them to attach the papers to the grid - pretty and practical.

So there we have it, my sunny scrap… here is the finished product:


I’m quite proud of this one and as original ideas go, its a good ‘un… I’ve not seen anything like it in my Pinterest travels so that makes me happy.

Trying to photograph this for the blog lead to a few problems as the weather has been so terrible recently I’ve struggled to get any natural sunlight to take a decently lit picture… I might need to invest in a lightbox or something - worth investigating at some point. How do you take photos when the weather is bad? If anyone has any tips, I’m all ears!

Yesterday did grace us with about an hour of sunshine so I grabbed my phone and headed to the hallway to take a few pictures. Someone decided to follow me and sit on my scrap… hello Clem…


She’s my fluffy happy helper :-)

Anyhoo, I won’t do a major breakdown of this one as I’ve pretty much covered what I used within the blog post, but as always, if you’re after a specific item, shout me in the comments and I’ll let you know where its from.

Until next time beans, take care x

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