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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

super scrap - a massive 9x9 photo and embellishment scrap

super scrap - a massive 9x9 photo and embellishment scrap

Bonjour beans!

I hope you’re all well and having the most super of Sundays.

Again, quite predictably, the weather has been fairly shoddy this weekend - rain, mixed with drizzle, broken by a tiny bit of sun, back to a full blown down-pour = England in Autumn.


I think the worst thing about this time of year is when it rains on wet leaves. It seems to turn a nice casual 15 minute stroll to the train station into a death-defying 20 minute knee-crunching slip-a-thon. This was made all the worse on Friday as I chose, rather stupidly, to wear Converse, which are not known for their gripability in wet weather. So yeah, I am quite pleased to be inside my house and safe from the possibility of sliding down a slippery slope into on-coming traffic.

Anyhoo, to this weeks scrap.

If you follow my Instagram feed @nellyandclem you may have noticed the bare-bones of this 12x12 which appeared on the 22nd October… this means that I have been faffing around with this one something chronic since then.

Do you ever have that? Where you just don’t seem to be able to get things in the right place?


I had the photos I wanted to use and had chosen a few embellishments, but it just wasn’t working for me, so I kept putting it to one side. Well, finally this weekend I knuckled down and finished it off and I am so pleased with the end result, it might be one of my favourites.

The photos were taken on my New York trip earlier in the year which I went on with my mum, aunt and sister. We had the *best* time and really tried to cram in as much touristy stuff and shopping as possible.

On this particular day we queued for blinkin’ ages to get to the Top of the Rock to see the Empire State building in all its glory - it was a truly wonderful experience and we hung around for ages, really getting our moneys worth in the wonderful May sunshine!


If you do happen to go to New York, I really would recommend heading to Rockefeller Plaza and popping up to the observation deck, it was so great to see all of Manhattan buzzing around beneath us and on a sunny day you really can see for miles and take in just how magnificent Central Park is.


So, back to the scrap, and I was having a bit of a ‘mare putting this one together. I had originally only picked one backing paper for each embellishment/photo and decided against this as it just didn’t really look all that special, and as much as I do prefer a less busy scrap, this made it just a bit too plain for me.

The next step was for me to sandwich the papers so I ended up with three layers for most of the squares, this did seem to give each section a bit more POP plus it meant that I could use contrasting colours to bring out the embellishments and photos.

A lot of effort went into this one and I hope that comes across in the final product:


Items used:

So this is going to be a bit of a nightmare as I used sooooo many different things from different brands and kits. This was mainly because I had decided on my colour palette so needed to grab from everything to get the shades I wanted, but I’ll try to break as much down as possible. Again, if you’re after a specific item and I haven’t mentioned it below, please feel free to ask in the comments :-)

Top left image = papers from Crate Paper Cute Girl 6x6 (one of the most beautiful collections of papers, I only wish the 12x12 was available in the UK :-(, but I digress). The embellishment was from a die-cut pack by American Crafts Dear Lizzy

Top middle image = papers from Crate Paper Cute Girl 6x6. The embellishment was actually cut with a craft knife from a 12x12 paper sheet by Crate Paper Wild Heart. I think the paper was called Daze and it’s filled with different sunglasses (great for chopping out and using as embellishments individually)

Top right image = bottom paper from Crate Paper Cute Girl 6x6. The candy stripe paper is actually from a little kit of Simple Stories SN@P card pack by Carpe Diem. I got a few of these off Amazon and they have lovely little sayings and patterns - they’re also double-sided which is nice. The little flair badge came from a set by American Crafts Shimelle Starshine (that set is beautiful and I would highly recommend it)

Middle left image = bottom paper from my bumper pack of Dovercraft coloured cardstock. The candy stripe paper is from the Simple Stories SN@P card pack again. The cloud sticker is from Pink Paislee Paige Evans Whimsical range (currently the most gorgeous range out there) and the YAY balloon embellishment is from an embellishment kit by Crate Paper Hooray!

Middle middle image = paper is from Crate Paper Maggie Holmes, i think the Carousel 12x12 paper pad, but I can’t be sure as I took the whole page out of the pad (like a dope) so I’m not sure if it came from that pad). The embellishment is also Maggie Holmes and came from an embellishment kit - Willow Lane I believe. The airplane paper clip is gorgeous and came from Midori


Middle right image = papers are from Crate Paper Cute Girl 6x6 and the two embellishments I cut from a large 12x12 sheet by Carta Bella Pack Your Bags. I think the paper is called Border Strips and is full of cute snow globes, transport and travel bits for all different countries.

Bottom left image = the embellishment was cut from Crate Paper Cute Girl 6x6 and was on a page of sweet little sayings and images. The taxi was cut out from another large 12x12 sheet and if you can find it, it’s one of the most harrowing decisions as it’s double-sized and both sides are beautiful. The side I used is covered in taxis and is from Crate Paper Here + There and is called Metropolitan - check it out, it’s lovely. The frame you might recognise from one of my other scraps comes from a wooden frame kit by Dovercraft called Make a Wish - I love them

Bottom middle image = I’m not sure where this paper came from as my mum gave it to me when I was first starting scrapping as I didn’t have anything at all. It’s looks like it could be Shimelle or maybe Amy Tangerine - if you know, lemme know! :-) The stickers are from Paige Evans Whimsical (the ‘oh what a day’) and the camera is from another Paige Evans sticker book - Pick-Me-Up (both from Pink Paislee).

Bottom right image = paper is again from Crate Paper Cute Girl 6x6 (seriously, get this pad) and the doughnut (American spelling of donut) paper is from the Simple Stories SN@P card pack. The little paper tear off was lovingly cut by my mum on her massive die-cut contraption and the sticker is by Dear Lizzy.

Phew! So there we go, this, as it turns out, is a bit of a love letter to the Cute Girl paper pad and Crate Paper - haha, but it’s sooooo nice!!

Anyhoo, that’s quite enough typing for one day.

Love to you all and enjoy the rest of your day, I’ll be back soon, maybe with a post about something non-scrap related… SHOCK HORROR!

Until then, take care - byeeeee


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gettin' festive - a christmas gift guide for picky peeps

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spooky scrap - my first halloween themed scrap