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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

too fussy to fussy cut?

too fussy to fussy cut?

I never realised I used scissors in a strange way, until every. single. person. started pointed it out to me!

When I was a tiny 6 year old presented with safety scissors in my classroom, a hush would descend around me as I picked them up, carefully put my fingers, not quite, through the hand holes, but braced them slightly on the outside of the scissor arms and began to cut. The children around me would gasp and cry ‘miss, misssss, look at Danielle, she’s cutting wrong’ and I would look down as my apparently traitorous fingers with confusion and then at everyone else doing things ‘the right way’ and think to myself ‘how is this the wrong way if I’m still cutting within the lines’? 


*wavy lines* duh duh duh dun, duh duh duh dun…

Speed forward to the NOW and I’ll still occasionally freak out a colleague who happens to witness me chopping a piece of tape in the office like Edward frickin’ Scissorhands!

My family, fully aware of my 'weird ways’ will still occasionally be caught off-guard and comment ‘I forgot that you cut that way’. It doesn’t really bother me that much anymore, particularly as, I’m still cutting within the lines, dammit! Haha


I’ve always been cack-handed (I’m pretty sure that’s the medical term for it), I’ll wildly switch my knife and fork around while eating, I’ll pass the racket from hand to hand in tennis rather than bothering with backhand shots and I’ll use chopsticks in a way that strikes fear into the diners around me – I’ll see them mentally raising their riot shield as I go in for the egg fried rice, sticks haphazardly pointing in opposite directions like a Siamese cats eyes! I’ll see all that going on and know that I can’t help it - I am, what I am, cack-handed and proud! Haha


I wonder if all that ^ is the reason for my loathing of ‘fussy cutting’?

I’ve talked about fussy cutting before and how for other people it seems to float them off into a zen-like state of chilled bliss, whereas I, sit hunched in my craft room swearing at card as I carefully cut around shapes thinking, when will this be over!?


My recent scrap sent me into a tailspin of frustration as I could see the end result in my mind, but actually getting the paper to do what I wanted was harder than I expected.

Part of me wonders whether I should bite the bullet and buy one of those big die cutting machines to chop out my words and embellishments so I no longer have to deal with fussy cutting… but then I feel like you lose the ‘handmade’ part of the scrap. I know, I know, I’m still using other peoples embellishments and the paper isn’t my creation… but I feel like, if you use a big machine to cut out your letters and stick them down on the paper too… then all of our work is going to look exactly the same with just slightly different placements?


As much as I loathe the fussy cut, I think it’s here to stay, mainly because I can’t seem to find things I want in a die cut. I guess that’s no bad thing though as it encourages me to create them myself, and that’s what we should all be doing, creating original things, making the stuff we see in our heads rather than trying to make something identical to the person next to us. Let’s all pick up our scissors, in whatever hand and way we chose and create something different for ourselves!


Are you a fussy cutter? Do you find it therapeutic? Teach me your ways please! Haha

Feel free to comment below.

Until next time x

true facts - a few little things about me

true facts - a few little things about me

what a wonderful world this would be

what a wonderful world this would be