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tools of the trade

I was having a bit of a tidy up yesterday and decided to go through my trusty pen pot and muffin tray of delights to see what I had in my stash. I was mainly checking to see if there was anything I could relocate that I wasn’t really using - clever girl, huh!


After going through my bits and bobs I thought it might be helpful to do a little post and show you what I have in there and what I use it for. I imagine most of us crafty ladies are rocking the same tools, but it’s always worth a look, just in case…

1. Scissors


I have a few pairs of scissors, different sizes for different jobs. My favourite are probably the teeny tiny WRMK white scissors. I have ridiculously small hands so when I use a big pair of scissors I feel a bit out of control and like I’m flailing around. Smaller scissors make me feel more comfortable, especially when I have to fussy cut (which you all know I ruddy hate with a vengeance). The purple pair are a nice medium size and I tend to use those for any job that doesn’t really require much accuracy e.g. cutting washi, roughly cutting out paper to fussy cut later. The big dotty pair I don’t use all that often, but when I do, it’s for edging larger pieces of paper where I want a longer straight edge in one easy snip - I treat them like an American muscle car… they don’t do corners.

2. Cutting and folding tools


This is basically a love letter to WRMK as all these bits are from there and are super helpful tools that I like to keep close to hand. I use the two different craft knifes frequently (swivel and regular) as I don’t have a Big Shot or any sort of die cutting beast machine so it’s all down to my hands to do the cutting and sometimes, you need a craft knife to do the fiddly bits. I use the embossing stylus to add little poke-holes to my 12x12s - it just gives things a bit more interest and it also resembles stitching if you add it as an outline to fussy cut letters. The folding tool I mainly use to give sharper edges to folded paper and also when I make tiny tabs as they really need a crisp folded edge.

3. Glues and paints


I am obsessed with Glossy Accents. My mum told me that I needed some in my kit and she was so right, I use it all the time! It makes wonderful clear enamel dots and it’s great for gluing down my little alphabet beads. I find a lot of glues don’t really stick well, or you think they do, then they dry and everything just drop off. The Glossy Accents hardens as it dries so really does work wonders, plus it’s completely clear so you can use it to hide a multitude of sins. The Planner glue pen is a great little glue stick for any job where you want to get right into the corners as it’s pen-sized. It works perfectly with my planner and it’s also great to use in a TN where things are smaller-scale and you need to be more precise. The Liquitex is a new find and I love it. I was using Pinkfresh and Heidi Swapp ink/color shine, but it was pricey for the size of the pots and I was really going through the black. I found Liquitex on Amazon and for around £5 you can get a much bigger pot of ink and I find the pipette more accurate than the Pinkfresh. It come in a range of colours including a lot of metallic shades so it’s a no-brainer for adding paint splashes to your 12x12s. The Uni POSCA is a white marker which is brilliant for writing on vellum, project life dividers and any black or darker paper. It has a bullet-shaped nib so it’s very sharp and clean to write with.

4. Pens and pencils


It’s always good to have plenty of pens and pencils to hand. I use them mainly for writing in my planner or TN, but the pencils are also great for outlining my hand cut letters. I have some more boring functional pens that I hide in my drawer, but these ones are out on display as they are fun and make me smile. I found a nutty Kawaii website that sells crazy pens with all sorts of mad toppers. I chose these ones as they are at least still practical to use (although the bunny one is a bit unwieldy sometimes - haha).

5. Misc tools


These are just some bits and bobs that I like to have close to hand. The Felicity Jane date stamp was something that I coveted for quite some time and I’m so glad that I brought one. It’s very easy to use and the numbering is clear and neat, plus there are tiny little heart stamps that you can use instead of adding a specific day of the month - so cute. I’m sure everyone has a little Nuvo bottle lurking in their stash, it’s the best for creating those little enamel dots and it’s so much more cost effective than buying the dots in those little sets. Although it takes a few goes to really get the knack of creating the perfect dot, once you’ve got it you can dot away on all your projects. The WRMK edger punch is probably my most used item as I am constantly getting it out to create nice rounded edges on my photographs and journal cards. I also love using it to make my own tiny tabs out of corresponding papers and it always gives the perfect curve.

6. Sequins


I’ve recently purchased a few bundles of sequins and have spent quite a bit of time sorting them into these tiny divided boxes from Amazon. Not only do they look cute in their little rainbow pots, but the clear boxes mean that I’m able to put my hands on what I want easily. I like to use the sequins in little shaker pockets in my project life and also they’re fun to add to 12x12s instead of enamel dots. I stick them down using the mighty Glossy Accents :-)

7. Treats


Not so much a tool of the trade, but we all have our little craft room treats to get us through all the cutting and sticking. I’m obsessed with these chocolate covered pretzels from M&S. They’re super tasty, they provide my sweet and savoury fix in one little snack and you can just plim them into your face in one go and crack on :-)

8. Cute bits


No stash is complete without a little tray of treats. My trusty muffin tray from Crate Paper Storage is filled to bursting with all the lovely things that finish off my projects. I keep my favourite washi tape in my tray along with an array of paperclips both practical and novelty. I also like to keep a few buttons close to hand as they can be stitched or stuck onto projects using thread or Glossy Accents. Anything smaller that I fussy cut also goes in the tray, like the tiny cat faces from the Cute Girl range. I also love to keep a little pot of EOS lip balm close by as I use that a lot when I’m crafting away.

So there we go, a few bits and bobs that I like to have on my desk. Hopefully you noticed something in there that you might want to give a whirl.

What do you keep in your little stash? If there is something that you think I’m missing out on, feel free to add it to the comments below :-)

Until next time beans x

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bird set free + youtube

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