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typewriters and move arounds

typewriters and move arounds

The majority of this weekend has seen me not actually crafting, but rather having a big move around in my tiny craft room.

I’m not sure why I like to move furniture around as much as I do? I think it’s something I’ve inherited from my mum. When we were very tiny we lived on an RAF base, that meant that the house we lived in, wasn’t ours. My parents weren’t allowed to decorate or even put pictures up so when we eventually left the base and moved into a place my mum and dad could call their own… my mums inner-interior designer was released!


My childhood house saw plenty of colour schemes and wallpaper variations over the decade and a bit we lived there. My mum went interior mad and every room was immaculately painted and full of coordinated decorations… plus, things were moved. My dad would frequently come home from work to find our living room rejigged or that a sideboard had moved into another room and was now an entirely different colour - it’s what I grew up knowing and now I do it too!

So, now I’ve moved the furniture around in my tiny room, once again, I think I’m actually happy with the current layout… for now anyway :-)


I wanted to make sure my desk was closer to the window to really take advantage of the natural light, it particularly helps when I’m trying to take photos of my scrap.

Along with the move around, I also did a bad and purchased a bit of an extravagant thing… I brought a typewriter.


My mum has been eyeing up one of the We R Memory Keepers Typecase Typewriters for a few years now, but they were always so crazily expensive and the reviews so mixed that she didn’t want to spend the money, only to find that the product was a waste of all that saving - a sensible idea.

I had been squirreling away money with the view to buying a sewing machine, but once I had the funds I started wondering whether I should get something else instead. My mum already has a great sewing machine and a die cutting machine and I have these at my disposal whenever I like, so it made more sense to buy something neither of us had… here strolls in the typewriter, made possible thanks to Craftelier’s amazing sale which made this beast waaaaay more obtainable.


Once my typewriter arrived (unscathed all the way from Spain), I did a little unboxing video on my YouTube channel and I have to tell you, I’m chuffed to bits with it. This typewriter is beautiful and works like a dream. I’m so glad I decided to go for it and not listen to the negative reviews - phew!

I’ve posted the link to the video below if you’re interested in seeing for yourself. I’ve got to go now and read the manual to make sure I can work it properly :-)

Until next time chaps x

wheels in motion

wheels in motion

difficult difficult lemon difficult

difficult difficult lemon difficult