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May I say, what a smashing blouse you have on

wheels in motion

wheels in motion

Sorry for the silence recently little beans, I’ve been capital B-Busy!! Cogs are turning, wheels are in motion and my little brain is fizzing away at all the possibilities. “But, Nelly”, you say, “you’re being all vague and weird” and you would be correct, I think we both know I’ve never claimed to be anything else and *insert manic laughter* in the iconic words of Marc Maron “more later”


While I’ve been scrapping myself into a vortex and moving my craft room furniture around for the 700th time, LIFE has been happening, specifically, milestones. Last week I hit the big 12 years at my job, which is crazy bananas and this weekend I’ve celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary with my super fantastic husband (who sometimes reads this blog – love you).


Time really is shooting by and it does not feel like 10 years since I was frantically emailing our DJ to remove the Grease mega-mix from his playlist while simultaneously panicking about drunk guests chipping off pieces of our wedding venue which would result in English Heritage sending me a monster bill (a genuine worry I had before the big day) – bonkers


Football pundits say ‘football is a game of two-halves’ and I mean, well dur, of course it is… it is literally a game played by two teams with an equal number of players on a rectangle split in half with a break in the middle of 90 minutes and a side switch… you can’t get more even than that!? But this year has felt like a game of two halves, the first half I very much want to forget. But this second half… the half that started in July and is rocketing into September and beyond… this looks better, I think I can really pull up my socks and score some goals (or at the very least wiggle my butt into the seat and cheer on my team). I feel like I’ve wrung all that I can out of that little analogy so I’m off now to lie on my sofa and zone out after what was a cracking but super tiring weekend.

Love to you and yours x

try not to worry so much

try not to worry so much

typewriters and move arounds

typewriters and move arounds